It is our mission to make personal training available for everybody

Personal Training available and affordable for everyone

We have created smart technology for Gyms & Personal Trainers to make personal training scalable without losing the personal interaction with their clients. As a gym you don’t need extra employees and as a Personal Trainer you can double your number of customers without the need of being physically present all times. You can literally offer personal training to everybody, based on your own training philosophy. Enhance your value proposition and grow your business with us!

What do we offer?

With the OKEEJ Platform you are able to “digitize” your exercises, create routings and training programs which can be downloaded by your customers on their mobile phone in the OKEEJ Training App. By wearing the OKEEJ Smart Sensor on their wrist or ankle your customers will be live coached from exercise to exercise through their own earphone. They don’t have to look on their mobile phone during the workout!

Only 4 steps to get started:

  1. Create your account on the OKEEJ Platform and start using the OKEEJ Gym Configurator
  2. Download the movement data of all your exercises from our database
  3. Add Live Coaching to each exercise based on your own coaching philosophy (automatically transformed into audio coaching)
  4. Create training programs based on you own training philosophy

Collaboration partners:

Adwise (multiple award winning software company), Suunto (part of Amer Sports and Anta Sports Group), USC (Sports Organization of the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam) and

Integrated products (list expanding):

LifeFitness, Omron, Movesense (by Suunto)

Currently we are beta testing our digital personal training concept together with our partners.

This is a placeholder website that will be updated in the upcoming months.

We have been working under the radar the past 2.5 years. This website will be updated soon with more detailed information. Leave your email if you wish to be notified.

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